1/8 with 9 to 5 taper on the sides and back

This is a modern haircut with a traditonal feel.  The 9 to 5 taper cut dates back more than 7 decades! The low wavy textured cut became popular in the 80's.  During the 90's the 9 to 5 taper was added by the brilliance of our youth in their effort to carve their own place in history. Job well done!

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Bald Drop fade

The drop fade hit the scene in the 1990's. It became popularly known as the Philly fade, during that Era!  Gradually, over time,  it became known as the drop fade. Today it's a highly requested cut by all ages!

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Relax, cut, and curl

This short  sexy tapered look started during WWII. It has stood the test of time and with a hint of innovation, has mildly transformed into serious beauty upgrade.  Long hair making you look too old?  Try it and change your life!!

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Bald fade with a number one guard across the top.

The bald fade was once a simple bowl cut, high and tight! This hair cut ushered in many of the commonly worn fades of today! I suppose you can call it the father of modern fades.

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